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Built for managers and developers

The role of the contact center has evolved to meet the demands of modern customers. This often leads to managers and developers working side-by-side. Edify is designed to work for both, delivering an out-of-the-box solution so managers can hit the ground running, and built on a flexible, programmable platform that any developer can work with.


Huddle Basic


It is designed to unify your entire global workforce on a common platform. We believe the customer experience isn’t owned by a single department, but that teams should be able to easily get together and collaborate on any channel at any time.



Communication channels are important, but they’re only one part of a successful CX strategy. With Huddle, your team will be better suited to engage customers and provide better service with machine learning driven, real-time coaching and training.

Huddle API


Your company deserves a unique CX strategy. Huddle API provides easy-to-use, real-time communication API’s, letting you extend the functionality of your business communications and contact centers. Or, you can build and deploy your own Apps.

100% SLA


Edify is a technology-first company, built by developers to help solve the world’s communication needs. As a result, Edify offers the industry's highest, most inclusive SLA ever.


Upgrade your contact center beyond channels. Meet Edify.

See a holistic view of customer activity, real-time training and coaching, all powered by Machine Learning. This is 21st-century customer service.

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