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Edify Labs, Inc.

Edify Labs, Inc. is a global communications platform with the goal of strengthening connections with customers and across teams. Edify is co-founded by Cameron Weeks and Bracken Fields, who created their first VoIP company in 2007, and grew it into a global customer service platform. They have been working on contact center solutions together ever since.


Their mission to fix contact center communications was not yet complete, so they started from the ground-up with a platform of their own. Edify is the culmination of over 12 years of work together and is the newest innovator in cloud-based customer experience solutions. At Edify, we value Empowerment, Education, Innovation, Leadership and Community.




Cameron Weeks


Cameron Weeks is tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and visionary--the driving force behind what’s happening now and what is to come. He guides the team at Edify to drive new business, seek growth in existing and emerging markets, and push the boundaries in the cloud-based business communications sector. Cameron understands how business objectives can be translated into technology tactics and is dedicated to redefining the communications industry. The technology at Edify will do just that.


Bracken Fields


Bracken Fields has been building contact center technology for over a decade. He found his inspiration to build Edify after realizing that the only way to take communications technology to the next level was to build a better solution from the ground up. In October of 2018, Cameron and Bracken decided it was time to press the reset button and start over with a product of their own. Edify is the combined focus of decades worth of knowledge wrapped up into one modern product.

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