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Edify connects businesses with customers and employees with each other. Our product, Huddle ML, is our complete cloud contact center software that includes Machine Learning (ML) for extra smarts for better connecting businesses with customers. 


Hammond is Edify’s bot. Hammond gives customers self-service abilities first, moving conversations to the right agent anywhere in an organization if and when it’s time. Seamlessly switch from phone to text to email without starting over. The best part? One system connects everyone and reduces customer friction. Customers, bots, and humans blend perfectly together. 


Excitingly, you’re here because you’re ready to hone your Huddle skills. So, you're joining our bubbling Catalyst community, which we call Reactors since they erupt with joy once they start learning with our guides.


You’ll soon experience our engaging learning experiences to learn more about Huddle as you will use it.

Huddle ML Learning Series

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Thomas, Your Catalyst Guide

Meet Thomas! He'll be your guide through these labs to learn more about Edify’s complete cloud contact center software.

Topic: Huddle ML - Tour Queue
: 15 Minutes
DescriptionIn this course, you will learn more about Huddle ML, and you'll walk through one of the most important features of Huddle ML for agents, the Queue workspace. 
Course: Huddle ML - Customer Interaction Workspace
: 20 Minutes
DescriptionIn this course, you'll learn about customer interactions by walking through the process for accepting, engaging, and closing customer interactions in the Queue workspace of the App in Edify Huddle.
Course: Huddle - Explore Chat
: 20 Minutes
DescriptionIn this course, we'll focus on walking you through how you’ll use the Chat workspace in App to connect with coworkers to execute daily business tasks.

Course: Huddle - Tour Softphone
Duration: 20 Minutes
Description: In this course, we'll focus on walking you through how you’ll use the Softphone in App to create outbound calls, accept inbound calls, check your voicemail, and configure your Softphone to meet your unique needs.


Course: Explore Queue as an Agent
Duration: 30 Minutes
Description: In this course, we'll explore the the Huddle queue as an agent by starting an interaction, accepting it, move through the omnichannel experience, and end the interaction.


Course: Practice Building a Workflow
Duration: 30 Minutes
Description: In this course, we'll explore the administrative side of Huddle ML by using an interactive checklist to build a workflow in your Console, titled - Edify is Awesome!.

Huddle ML Quick Guides

Learn more about common workspaces and tasks in Edify Huddle.

Admin Quick Guides

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Agent Quick Guides

UC Basic Quick Guides

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