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Create efficiencies, streamline communications, and empower customer service teams.

We built our cloud contact center technology from the ground up, to help you build a flexible and responsive workforce without the expensive infrastructure. Omnichannel software empowers agents to create meaningful customer service connections with lasting impressions. A single pane of glass approach gives agents everything they need at their fingertips. Huddle analyzes customer engagements in real-time and highlights the most important coaching and training opportunities too. 



Edify makes it easy to connect on any channel, giving users the power to do what works best for them. Voice, video, and text are all options available in just a few clicks. 


Detailed reporting and real-time dashboards

Monitor metrics important to your contact center in real-time. Track things like average handling time, call volume and customer satisfaction scores. Having the data in one place can help management effectively manage staffing levels and gauge performance. Dashboards are infinitely customizable and can be configured to monitor individual users, teams or departments.



Coaching and Training

Huddle uses machine learning to analyze user activity to help you maintain compliance and find opportunities to improve your team. Managers and team leads can monitor and isolate interactions as they happen, providing immediate feedback and coaching to individuals or the entire team. It even recommends training modules related to areas where users can improve.



Single Global Queue

Eliminate silos and unify your entire contact center workforce more intelligently. Edify is able to transmit information in near-real-time and looks at your entire workforce to direct the interaction to the best possible person, regardless of location.



CRM Integrations

See full customer details and interaction histories in one place with thorough and easy-to-setup integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce & Zendesk. All of the customer’s information is at the agent's fingertips, and they can instantly add new info to the CRM directly from Edify.