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Enhance company-wide communications across

teams and between various departments.

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Make teams more efficient.

Edify offers top-notch internal collaboration tools. Our system unites teams beyond the contact center and unifies global workforces via one, intelligent interface. Team dashboards are customizable per user or per department and will increase efficiencies while optimizing staffing levels. Managers can set goals for their teams, measure individual user performance and analyze outcomes. Edify helps business executives to improve agent performance and cut costs. We believe that when individual employees can easily get in touch with the right people, the entire organization becomes more productive as a whole.



One Application

All of your needs are met within one dashboard. View activity, organize teams by department and give incentives to your users. Managers can view all of their team members’ activity, quickly analyzing who is on a call, who is at lunch or in a meeting, who just finished a conversation and more. Coaching and training features are integrated directly into earning badges that are featured on an agent's internal dashboard profile. Badges are awarded for various strengths like friendliness, speed, and the number of interactions successfully handled, promoting healthy competition. One intelligent application lets you retain information to retrieve later and learn about your teams' activity more efficiently.



Empowered Coaching & Training

Machine learning analyzes opportunities and makes intelligent recommendations. Hammond identifies coaching and training opportunities, making teams smarter and more efficient. On average, managers spend less than 10% of each week developing their teams. The Edify platform automatically recommends training modules to agents based on their real-time activity. Agents also receive timely feedback since managers can quickly isolate interactions that need feedback and coaching.



Context is everything. Coaching should be too.

Measure success and view connection histories of platform users within your company. Managers can access one report, in one place, with individual scorecards for coaching their employees. Managers are able to markup the exact part of a phone call or chat that they want to draw attention to. They can then discuss their findings with the respective agent or with their team during coaching opportunities.




Supervisors are able to quickly identify and address repeat issues before they become a larger problem. Our reporting features make it easy to be proactive in a response by spotting inefficiencies, identifying breakdowns or gaps, combining multiple reports into one, tracking metrics across multiple departments, and accessing real-time operational data.


Maintain Compliance

Edify empowers managers to address immediate training needs and follow-up on important agent mistakes within a conversation. Time-based training modules make it easy to keep team members compliant. They are displayed on team dashboards to ensure team members are compliant and complete them within the allotted time frames.

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