Journey Engagement

Handle issues before they escalate.

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Have complete customer activity, engagement data and interaction histories at your fingertips. 

Engagement tracking provides a complete view of customer behavior, along with recommendations on how to act on that behavior.

Agents can reach out to customers to address and handle issues before they escalate.


Track Customer Activity

It’s never been easier to track customer activity, whether it takes place in the app or on the web. Track in-app usage, each customer session online and overall product utilization. User activity is recorded to replay and review. All activity data is available to agents during the interaction, enabling them to be more helpful and concise. 


Record Contact Center Engagements

All notes, recordings, calls, and chats are stored in the engagement dashboard. Customers can be reconnected with past agents to resolve recurring or already open issues much faster, not having to start over with a new agent. Customer service interactions flourish, becoming conversational and personal, while the communication experience is united across all channels.



Proactively Engage Customers

If trends emerge showing frequently reported issues, agents can proactively engage with customers, solving and handling the issue before it arises again. Resolving conflicts and addressing frustrations before they become a larger issue positively impacts user adoption of the platform. We make it easy for agents to deliver the best service to their customers.

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