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Edify API lets you add real-time communication functions to your systems without having to build them from scratch. Our software tools, APIs, sample code and pre-built applications give you everything you need.

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As a telecommunications provider, we can provision and route phone numbers from more than 60 countries in 12 data regions. The connections are virtually instant, ensuring high quality, low latency connections.

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Edify API makes adding reliable, crystal-clear voice services easy. Our programmable voice APIs let you create Apps to engage with callers in real-time, to gather information like surveys and provide authentication.

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We make messaging easy. Give your customers tracking updates on orders, confirm appointments, solicit feedback, or provide two-factor authentication. No matter why you want to talk to customers, we'll help you do it.

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Control your automatic interaction delivery using these API's. With these API's you can chang add new queues, change queue weights, enable tag based route, and many other operations. 

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These API's are designed to help you understand data, change Hammond workflows, and many other repetitive knowledge-based tasks. 

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The Account API's allow you to update account information such as e911 locations, phone endpoints, and user management. 

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CX APIs give you the ability to update knowledge base articles, add events to the journey engagement timeline, and manage persons data.

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