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Add real-time communication in minutes.

Huddle API lets you add real-time communication functions to your systems without having to build them from scratch. Our software tools, APIs, sample code and pre-built applications give you everything you need to enhance your own apps or customize communication systems. Start sending text messages and phone calls in minutes.


Programmable Voice

Huddle API makes adding reliable, crystal-clear voice services easy. Our programmable voice APIs let you create apps to engage with callers in real-time, to gather information like surveys and provide authentication.

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Programmable Messaging


We make messaging easy. Give your customers tracking updates on orders, confirm appointments, solicit feedback, or provide two-factor authentication. No matter why you want to talk to customers, we'll help you do it.

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Phone Number Provisioning

As a telecommunications provider, we can provision and route phone numbers from more than 60 countries in 12 data regions. The connections are virtually instant, ensuring high quality, low latency connections.



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