Empower agents with true omnichannel contact center software + unified communications, all powered by machine learning. With sentiment analysis, NLU, and seamless ties to CRM and other sources, our intelligent bot delivers a frictionless, truly unified CX.


Our Intelligent Assistant, Hammond, is powered by machine learning and gives customers self-service abilities first, leveraging sentiment analysis to move conversations to the right agent anywhere in an organization if and when it’s time. One system connects everyone with frictionless transfers and switching--customers, bots and agents blend perfectly together.

NLU & Sentiment Analysis

Hammond uses natural language understanding (NLU) and sentiment analysis to comprehend and understand your customers. Hammond can understand natural human language, whether written or spoken. Automatic sentiment analysis saves time and boosts data analytics efforts to inform managers on interaction scoring as well as flagging coaching and training opportunities.

Drag-and-Drop Workflows

Our visual design tool makes it easy to create custom drag-and-drop workflows with multiple data sources--requiring no code--for even the most complex routing requirements. Unify all of your conversation routing plans into one visual document. Change your mind without worry since all changes are automatically versioned for easy review and roll back to previous versions.

Seamless Switching and Transfers

Our bot eliminates customer friction, providing self-service and blending seamlessly with live agents. Interactions can escalate from bot to agent and agent to supervisor as needed. Interactions are easily passed to a live agent, with all of the previous interaction history available to the agent.

Customer Feedback

Our Machine Learning bot, Hammond, uses sentiment analysis to automatically distribute conversations to live agents as needed or as requested. It automatically sends post-interaction surveys to customers and easily solicits customer feedback based on metrics occurring inside the conversation over any channel.

CRM Integrations

Easy integrations to Salesforce and Zendesk let you use any object in any platform, standard or custom. Leverage the CTI and connect easily to the Agent Desktop. Our platform has a single user interface for all functions.





Edify gives every company a risk-free path to the cloud by offering the first five users at no cost, forever, as well as a modular platform design that allows companies to migrate at their own pace. After your first five users, Edify pricing is simple and completely usage-based.




Edify is suitable for even the most regulated industries since it’s HIPAA, PCI, SOC2 Type 1 compliant.

Global availability & SLA

With global availability and real-time redundancy in 37 data regions around the world, Edify provides 100% platform uptime or it will pay out 10x what was paid during downtime—the highest and most inclusive SLA in the market.