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Edify connects businesses with customers and employees with each other.
Revolutionize how you talk, chat, and collaborate with customers and across teams.
Seamlessly connect any time, from any location, on any device, over any channel inside of a single solution.

Edify is the first cloud platform of its kind -- and the last one you’ll ever need.
Unified Communications + Contact Center + API Platform = Complete Freedom 
The best part? Your first five users are free, forever. 

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"It's pretty slick..."
Nancy Jamison
"The focus on the customer and the customer's experience sets Edify apart..."
"With Edify, enterprises can take a holistic approach to communications..."


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The Ideal Call Center Solution

By Donna Fluss

What would it take to make the perfect contact center solution? There has to be a way of creating a contact center solution that is omni-channel, easy to provision, set up, install, implement, and operate. Companies want a communication platform that allows its users to do what they want, when they want.


Ovum - horizontal

On the Radar with Edify

By Mila D'Antonio

Read Ovum's view of the Edify platform and the subsequent recommendations for enterprises. Are you wondering why Edify should be on your radar? This in-depth report will tell you! Gain factual information about the company and highlights of the platform itself.


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