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Work is an activity, not a location.

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Collaboration tools that help teams stay connected even when they’re worlds away

One of the biggest advantages of a unified communication system is mobility. With Huddle Basic, employees can work from anywhere. Connect offices and employees, whether they’re down the hall or across the globe, enhance collaboration and increase productivity. And Huddle Basic is completely scalable, so users can start collaborating quickly, no matter what type of device they’re using.




Video Chat

Collaborate with one click. Face-to-face video chat brings teams together instantly. There's no need to leave the Edify platform or use third-party apps.


Ring Anywhere

Users can make and receive calls or texts from any device they choose or all of them at once, including a computer, desk phone, or mobile device.



Send texts from a business phone number and chat with customers or co-workers while keeping personal details private.



Extension Dialing

Make it easy to call other employees, transfer calls, and connect users like they’re all working from a single location.



Edify Mobile App

Our mobile app works with both iOS and Android, so users can access the platform no matter what type of mobile device they’re using.

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