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Empower agents with modern omni-channel business communications. We added Machine Learning to make it even more intelligent. HuddleML includes all the features and functionalities of Huddle Basic to connect employees with each other, plus our bot Hammond to create a frictionless environment for agents, bots, and customers. With sentiment analysis, NLU, and seamless ties to CRM and other sources, Hammond delivers a truly unified CX.


Build Custom Workflows

Use our drag and drop workflow builder to easily create custom workflows tailored to your specific business needs. Implement them for any communication channel. Hammond, our AI assistant, uses machine learning to execute intent-based routing and enhance customer engagement.



Natural Language Understanding & Sentiment Analysis

Hammond utilizes Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to power conversational-based routing. Automatic sentiment analysis saves time and boosts data analytics efforts to inform managers on interaction scoring as well as flagging coaching and training opportunities.


Seamless Switching and Transfers

Our bot reduces customer friction, providing self-service and blending seamlessly with live agents. Interactions can escalate from bot to agent and agent to supervisor as needed. Stop asking your customers to grab a pen! Interactions are easily passed to a live agent, with all of the previous interaction history available to the agent.


Easy Integrations

Easily create and integrate complex workflows with multiple data sources, like CRM, with no code.