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Transform your contact center with conversational AI.

Hammond is our Intelligent Assistant. We built him to make work easier for your agents and employees, and interacting with your company better for customers. Hammond understands written and spoken language so he is extremely useful when it comes to self service. He also uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and sentiment analysis capabilities to make routing decisions and automatically move conversations to a live agent if and when it’s necessary. Finally, you can give customers the service they want with the right person - or no person at all - without sending them on a wild goose chase of multiple frustrating prompts.


Empower agents,
don't replace them

Bots and agents blend perfectly together, removing customer frustration by transitioning frictionlessly between the two. One system connects everyone--customer, bots, and agents. Incorporate Hammond into any channel being used by the contact center, whether the conversation starts with a text, phone call, or chat. And self-service is 90% less expensive than customers being automatically connected with a live agent every time. Hammond knows which questions to ask and what prompts to deliver! Free up your agents to address more complex problems that require a human touch.


Create custom workflows powered by Machine Learning

Hammond can execute custom workflows determined by you, based on your specific business and customer service needs. Hammond Workflows integrate directly into Salesforce and Zendesk to allow for easy data lookups, too.

Workflows with infinite possibilities

Seamless administration allows all channels (Voice/Video/Chat/Text) to share a single workflow design, or each channel can have its own workflow. And A/B testing will show you which workflow best suits your customers. Route customers through different versions of the same workflow to maximize value and see what works best.

View the process from beginning to end

Our visual design tool makes it easy to drag-and-drop, creating custom workflows for even the most complex routing requirements. Unify all of your conversation routing plans into one visual document. Automatic versioning control lets you change your mind without worry thanks to easy roll back and review.


Better data means better performance

Hammond makes it easy to manage agent performance and address customer pain-points with real-time analytics and reporting. Hammond provides a transcript and analysis of each conversation. Feedback is collected inside of each conversation; surveys can automatically be sent at the end of every interaction too. Data can be incorporated into training and coaching programs, identifying areas of improvement for teams and individual agents. Hammond makes reporting simple!