Supported Features

Single sign-on is initiated via the Edify application.


Install the Edify application via your Okta instance.

Configuration Steps

After installing the application, visit the application settings to obtain the information you will need to set up the application on the Edify side.

  • Click on the application and then navigate to the sign-on tab.

  • You will need to provide the Client ID and Client Secret (click the eye button to toggle the visibility of the Client Secret.

  • There should be a section that has a link titled “OpenID Metadata”. Click this link. It should show a JSON document. Look for a key titled “issuer”. Copy this URL.

  • Once you have obtained this information, email with a subject of 'Okta Integration Setup' and provide the following information:

    • Your edify account name

    • Client ID: {{the client ID obtained from the sign-on tab}}

    • Client Secret: {{the client secret obtained from the sign-on tab}}

    • Issuer: {{the URL copied from the OpenID Metadata JSON document}}

    • Users

      • This is an optional field. If you only want to set the Okta integration as the authentication provider for certain users in Edify, provide those email addresses. Otherwise, the integration will be set as the authentication provider for your entire account

  • Once support receives your request, we will set the authentication provider for your entire account or the users listed (if provided).


Once the authentication provider is set for your account and/or users, visit and enter an email address associated with a user that has the Okta integration set as the auth provider. We will redirect the user to your Okta instance which will grant access to the Edify application.