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The realization of social business has changed. We deliver continuity and offer users the ability to move seamlessly among multiple channels within one conversation. For example, an agent can be on the phone with a customer while simultaneously sending and receiving photos via text messaging to provide support, giving them more control over the conversation.

Move or Combine Channels

Edify's platform allows customers and agents to frictionlessly move among or combine channels within the same conversation. They can talk, text, email and send photos simultaneously without disconnecting.

One Common Interface

Agents benefit from a "single pane of glass" approach, where there is one common interface regardless of channel. Historically, agents had to bounce between many applications to engage customers on different channels. Edify houses it all in one place, removing agent frustration.

One Vendor

Edify offers multiple communication channels all within one platform, removing the frustration of juggling multiple vendors. We give you the platform--you just have to go use it. It integrates with the Agent Desktops of Salesforce and Zendesk. When a customer contact comes through, the incoming communication will simultaneously populate the case or ticket into Salesforce or Zendesk.