Or, if you want, it can buy a whole day of stellar employee and customer experiences. Why pep up your people with sugar and caffeine (which only lasts like an hour), when you could cheer them up forever with the right tools?

When your employees are happy, so are your customers!

  • Includes Edify Huddle EX to connect employees with each other
  • Includes all Edify functionality and adds Hammond, the intelligent bot, creating a frictionless environment for agents, bots & customers
  • Advanced machine learning creates an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Natural Language Understanding powers conversational-based routing
  • Automatic sentiment analysis advises interaction scoring, coaching & training
  • Escalate from bot to agent and agent to supervisor seamlessly as needed
  • Create and integrate complex workflows easily with multiple data sources
  • UC and collaboration tools to connect teams down the hall or around the world
  • Connect customer service teams with departmental experts for next-level CX
  • Make and take calls and texts from your computer, desk phone and/or mobile phone
  • Text and call chat with a single click
  • Call and connect with colleagues anywhere with extension dialing
  • Access the platform 24/7/365 from any mobile device on iOS or Android
Product Price Unit
Voice Inbound - USA $0.008 per minute
Toll-Free Voice Inbound - USA $0.02 per minute
Voice Outbound - USA $0.008 per minute
BYOC Trunking In/Out $0.005 per minute
SMS In/Out - USA $0.008 per message
MMS In/Out - USA $0.02 per message
Faxing- USA $0.10 per page
Local Phone Number - USA $1.00 per number
Toll-Free Number - USA $2.00 per number
Fax Number - USA $1.00 per number
CNAM $0.01 per request
LRN $0.005 per request
Transcription $0.05 per minute
Text to Speech $0.001 per character
Translation $10.00 per 100,000 characters
Workflow Sessions (1-50k) $0.0018 per session
Workflow Sessions (50k+) $0.001 per session
Storage* $10.00 per 100GB (1st 100GB Free)
ML - Understand $0.0001 per request

Volume discounts available, based on usage

*First 100GB of Storage is Free. Storage is then billed as an average of your daily storage amount over a month.

Prices are U.S.-based. International pricing is available upon request.




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