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Our transparent pricing means financial forecasting and budgeting has never been easier; usage-based and flat daily or monthly pricing is billed annually. You'll also see immeasurable improvements to...




Employee engagement

Customer experience

The bottom line

We also believe that everyone should have a chance to see the possibilities for themselves with no commitment, no risk, and no downside.
So, your first five users are FREE--now and forever.


Get 5 Free Users

  • Includes Huddle Basic to connect employees with each other
  • Includes Huddle functionality and adds Hammond, the intelligent bot, creating a frictionless environment for agents, bots & customers
  • Advanced machine learning creates an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Natural Language Understanding powers conversational-based routing
  • Automatic sentiment analysis advises interaction scoring, coaching & training
  • Escalate from bot to agent and agent to supervisor seamlessly as needed
  • Create and integrate complex workflows easily with multiple data sources
  • Unified, omni-channel contact center + UC as a service functionality
  • Build custom workflows with intent-based routing
  • Move frictionlessly among all channels inside a single interaction
  • Gain insight from customizable reports and real-time dashboards
  • Monitor and isolate interactions for targeted coaching and training
  • Unify the entire workforce and deliver a stronger CX with a single global queue
  • See full customer details and interaction histories with CRM integrations
  • Includes Huddle Basic functionality to also connect employees with each other
  • UC and collaboration tools to connect teams down the hall or around the world
  • Connect customer service teams with departmental experts for next-level CX
  • Make and take calls and texts from your computer, desk phone and/or mobile phone
  • Text and video chat with a single click
  • Call and connect with colleagues anywhere with extension dialing
  • Access the platform 24/7/365 from any mobile device on iOS or Android
Product Price Unit
Voice Inbound - USA $0.008 per minute
Toll-Free Voice Inbound - USA $0.02 per minute
Voice Outbound - USA $0.008 per minute
SMS In/Out - USA $0.008 per message
MMS In/Out - USA $0.02 per message
Local Phone Number - USA $1.00 per number
Toll-Free Number - USA $2.00 per number
Transcription $0.05 per minute
Workflow Sessions (1-50k) $0.0018 per session
Workflow Sessions (50k+) $0.001 per session
Storage* $10.00 per 100GB (1st 100GB Free)
ML - Understand $0.0001 per request

Volume discounts available, based on usage

*First 100GB of Storage is Free. Storage is then billed as an average of your daily storage amount over a month.

Prices are U.S.-based. International pricing is available upon request.