Introducing a new pricing model

that makes budgeting easier

Your finance people will love us.


License-Based Pricing


Edify provides a Daily or "24 hour" pricing model for our Contact Center application. This means you only pay a flat rate per day for each user that logs in. Financial forecasting and budgeting has never been easier. We also believe that you should be able to use software before you buy it, so the first 5 users are free, forever. 



per user per day (billed annually)



per user per day (billed annually)

Huddle Basic


per user per month (billed annually)



With Edify, you can start thinking beyond cost-savings and take into consideration how our platform will completely transform your employees’ work style. Edify will boost teamwork and collaboration; our robust platform supports various work styles, like telework and remote work. Remote users benefit greatly from multiple communication options and intuitive user interfaces, working seamlessly between their smartphones, tablets, desktops, or headsets. Our unique pricing model ultimately impacts more than just your bottom line, offering businesses immense productivity benefits, improving work culture and positively impacting employee happiness.