Our Summer Demo Days series showcased Edify Huddle live, all summer long, in a casual, booth-style format. We decided to keep it going all year long, adding new videos by request. Watch these bite-sized replays to get a no-commitment look at what’s out there, to learn about the features that matter most to you, and to hear from our experts about pressing topics in the contact center space. Each episode is just 30 minutes or less.

Connecting Businesses with Customers

The Edify platform connects businesses with customers with its omnichannel contact center capabilities. Watch the replay to see a real-life example of an interaction taking place inside of Huddle ML.

Connecting Employees with Each Other

See how our built-in unified communications component is included with contact center functionality. Front-line agents and back-office employees can collaborate to solve customer issues faster.

Setting Up Agents & Taking Calls

Get new agents up and running in 60 minutes or less - with minimal effort required. Watch how quickly agents can start serving customers, how to build drag-and-drop workflows, and how scalable Edify Huddle truly is.

Bots + Humans Work Together

Our intelligent bot, Hammond, gives customers self-service options first, enables seamless transitions to live assistance, and alerts agents on what to do next. One system connects everyone - customers, bots, & agents.

a No-code Interface

Edify's drag-and-drop workflows tool intelligently routes customers for better service every time. Watch the replay to see how easy our zero-code interface truly is, no matter your level of expertise.

Playing Nice with Others

Watch the replay to see how easily Edify Huddle users can enhance and customize their own apps and communication systems with our software tools, open APIs, sample code, and pre-built apps.


Dynamic Scripting

Customers have different needs, and they deserve personalized service. Don't serve up the same conversation with every customer! Dynamic scripting guides agents through interactions and tailors conversations. See it in action.


Take a look at Workflows, the routing engine of the Edify platform. Workflows enable companies to match every customer contact with the best agent. And Edify's simple drag-and-drop functionality enables users to build workflows in a matter of minutes.