Unified Communications

A shared space for chatting, collaborating, and working from anywhere

Updated: 3rd November 2020

Unified Communications

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What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) combines various enterprise communication methods like voice, video, email, messaging, and presence into a single solution to streamline and enhance collaboration and productivity. Having evolved from voice telephony and what we used to call “IM” or instant messaging, today’s unified communications encompass many channels and play a key role in working smart -- both inside and outside of the contact center. A unified solution gives employees a shared space for chatting, collaborating, and working from anywhere.

Why is UC so important?

Adopting a truly unified communications (UC) strategy will benefit your business and your customers in so many ways. For example...

  1. Connect employees with each other. Give your people the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Today’s global workforce means people need to stay connected at all times from all corners of the planet. Location is no longer a barrier when you have effective UC tools.
  2. Improve collaboration with teams (so they can better serve customers). Your biggest and best knowledge base is your employee population. With the right UC tools, you can tap into that resource to get customer questions answered quickly and accurately, resolve issues in a single interaction, deliver a better customer experience overall, and save money along the way.
  3. Attract and retain millennial talent. Millennials make up the largest block of professionals coming into the workforce. Using tech is part of their DNA, and they expect to connect with peers and managers when they want and how they want.
  4. Your employee and customer experience depends on it. Your customer service software may be working well… but can every single employee, customer-facing or not, work together to discuss and solve issues by collaborating within the same platform? Your UC solution should give you the tools for simple and seamless teamwork, improving the experience you deliver to customers, too. They will get clear answers, better service, and faster resolution - potentially on the very first interaction, too.
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The Growth of UC

The year 2020 will be infamous in history for many reasons. But one bright light for the communications industry is that the massive work-from-home experiment proved that it is indeed possible to be effective and productive when you have the right tools. Not surprisingly, UC has experienced its fastest growth ever in the midst of COVID-19 with interest spiking at 86%.

A 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant found that large enterprises were already making the jump to cloud and spending fewer dollars on on-premises infrastructure and development. That report predicted 90% of IT executives would stop investing in new on-premises UC infrastructure completely by 2021… and they did not even account for a global pandemic (unless they’re psychic)!

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as Part of a Holistic Approach to Business Communications

Imagine a world where… Agents can webchat with managers and experts. Managers can call or chat with product experts from their desktops. Salespeople can ring the CFO from the backseat of a cab.

Edify believes in the power of unifying the contact center with the rest of the business, enabling customer-facing and back-office experts to work together within a single solution. That’s why the Edify Huddle ML solution includes UCaaS with Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) for easy customization. With Edify, agents can easily loop in key contributors and subject matter experts from anywhere across the organization. By uniting contact center agents with the rest of the employee population, companies can most effectively deliver the kind and caliber of customer experiences consumers demand and deserve. And the best place to make that happen is in the cloud.

See what we mean:

You can also check out this 20-minute video to see how Edify Huddle connects employees with each other with its embedded unified communications, an integral component of a work-from-anywhere world.

Organizations and contact centers that embrace UC and all it offers will be able to create and foster long-standing relationships between brands and customers while offering true cross-team collaboration.

Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

So, if today’s customers demand seamless interactions across all channels and on all devices, don’t your employees require the same 24/7 access? If you want to provide stellar customer experiences, you must first arm your employees with the tools and technology they require.

Rich, rewarding work experiences are possible (and even easy). Try it out.

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